Video: How to guarantee your Info Product Idea Wins with Your Audience

Right now, you may have this amazing idea for an info product that you are totally pumped about creating.

You may have been thinking about this for years. It’s come from your personal and professional experience–it’s not just some theory or an untested idea from a textbook. You can barely wait to share this wealth of knowledge and expertise with the world.

Yet you know that there’s a lot of work ahead of you to make your idea into a reality. You need to create the content, find a way to distribute it, and then market and sell it.

You know this idea is great and that people will benefit from it, but are you really sure that an info product is the best way to share this information and knowledge to your audience?

In this video, Lindsay Kirsch helps you to gain the confidence in knowing whether an info product is the best way to distribute your idea.


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