The shortcut to creating products.

Everybody wants a shortcut.  We want to lose weight faster.  We want an easier way to improve our golf game.  The list is long and varied.  Whatever ultimate end result we are striving for, we want to reduce the time and effort it takes to get there.

Creating products to sell online as a staple of our businesses is no exception.  The less time and effort in getting products ready to sell, the better.

Using PLR (private label rights) content is a great shortcut for accomplishing the end result while minimizing ticks of the clock and drains of our energy.

In today’s module, I’m going to give you five quick primers on using PLR content as a shortcut for creating products.  I’ll cover things today under these headings…


1.   The Profit-Pulling Power Of PLR.  I’ll begin by building a case for why using PLR is a wise strategy for your business.

2.   Ten Ways To Grow Your Business Using PLR Content.  Then, I’ll share some simple ways to put PLR to work for you.

3.   How To Rewrite PLR In Five Easy Steps.   Next, I’ll give you a checklist of the steps needed for rewriting PLR to make it your own original content.

4.   Seven Things To Look For When Buying PLR.  After that, I’ll give you some specific insights for finding high-quality PLR.

5.   Five Quick Ways To Find PLR.  Finally, I’ll give you a few specific ways to go find high-quality PLR to use immediately.


Let’s get started…


The Profit-Pulling Power Of PLR


You hear it about it everywhere:

PLR content.

And while you may know that PLR stands for private label rights, you may not exactly know what that means.

Here’s the scoop…

Private label rights content refers to text, audio or video content that you can modify to suit your needs. Indeed, this generally includes putting your name as the author or creator.

You can then use the content in a variety of ways (as long as you stay within the PLR license terms), such as by distributing it as a means of driving traffic to your site, using it as a bonus to get people to buy your products or join your mailing list, or even creating paid products from it.

So what’s the big deal?

Why not just create the content yourself or hire someone else to create it for you?

Read on for five reasons why you should start using PLR to grow your business…

Reason #1: PLR content saves you time. You get an idea for an ebook. So you spend a few days if not weeks researching and writing it. Now imagine if you use PLR content instead – you can tweak it to suit your needs in a matter of hours, meaning your product is ready to go almost instantly.

Reason #2: PLR content saves you money. Maybe you entrust your content creation to a good ghostwriter. In that case, PLR content can save you thousands of dollars per year. Even if you hire a ghostwriter to tweak the content, that’s a huge savings over having this same ghostwriter create your content from scratch.

Reason #3: PLR content is extremely flexible. The first thing you need to do is read the license terms that come with your PLR content, as your flexibility is only limited to these terms. But generally you’ll find that PLR content is extremely flexible, meaning you can do things such as:

  • Modifying the content.
  • Putting your name as the author.
  • Giving it away.
  • Using it as blog content.
  • Stocking your autoresponder with it.
  • Repackaging it, such as turning text content into a video.
  • Creating paid products out of it.

And more – there are a nearly endless number of ways to use PLR content to grow your business!

Reason #4: PLR content makes you look like an expert. If you’re not already an expert in your niche, then you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time researching various topics in order to create content that establishes you as an expert. Alternatively, you can choose to use well-researched and well-written PLR content. Bam, you’re an instant expert!

Reason #5: PLR is easy to obtain. Several years ago you may have been hard-pressed to discover PLR content, especially a good, steady stream of niche-related content. These days PLR providers offer PLR content in most of the major niches. And better yet, they tend to offer fresh content every month or even every week, meaning you’ll never run out of content.

And there you have it – five reasons why you should starting using PLR content to grow your own business.


10 Ways To Grow Your Business Using PLR

Check your computer hard drive: I bet you have PLR content hidden away, gathering virtual dust. If so, you’re not alone.

Plenty of marketers buy loads of PLR content but they never use it.


For a simple reason: They’ve just never learned HOW to use it to grow their business.

If that sounds familiar to you – or if you just want to fully leverage your PLR content – then you’ll want to read on to discover 10 ways to make the most out of PLR

  1. Stock your autoresponder with PLR content. If you have PLR content that details a step-by-step process or a series of related tips, then you can easily turn this content into a multi-part ecourse. If you have enough of this content, you can create an email series that runs completely on autopilot for three months, six months, a year or even more!

Note: Just tweak the content to make sure it’s evergreen.

  1. Use it to create an enticing subscription bonus. You need to give your prospective subscribers a good reason to join your mailing list. One way to do that is by offering a freebie in the form of a report or ebook. You can use your PLR content to quickly and easily create this free bonus!
  2. Offer it as a bonus to paid products. Your prospects are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to purchase your product or not. Offering a bonus such as a free report is a good way to help them make the buying decision. And using PLR content is a fast and easy way to create this bonus.
  3. Create a paid product with PLR content. You can set aside your best PLR content and use it to create paid products such as ebooks, home study courses, teleseminars and more.Tip: For best results, compile multiple sources of PLR to create your own unique, killer product. 
  4.  Utilize PLR content to create a viral report. Do you have PLR content that seems particularly useful, engaging, entertaining or even controversial? Then use it to create a viral report that you distribute widely across your niche.
  5. Turn text PLR content into a video. Don’t limit yourself to keeping your PLR content in its original text format. One way to expand its use is to turn text content into video content.
  6. Compile PLR content to create a “vault” membership site. Do you have a lot of PLR content all in one niche? Then use it to create a vault-style membership site, that’s chock-full of niche articles, reports and ebooks.
  7. Publish PLR content on your blog. If you don’t have any PLR articles, no worries – you can chop up PLR reports and ebooks to instantly create blog posts!
  8. Create a fire sale. Here’s yet another way to turn gobs of related PLR content into piles of cash. Simply run a one-week fire sale where you sell the whole boatload of content for just pennies on the dollar.
  9. Make a podcast out of PLR content. Instead of posting regular text articles on your blog or Facebook wall, you can read your PLR content to create a podcast. Best of all, you can then submit this podcast to podcast directories, thus reaching even further into your target market!

There you have it – 10 profitable ways to use PLR content to grow your business.


How To Rewrite PLR In Five Easy Steps

You’ve heard that you should rewrite your PLR content to make it more unique. But how do you do this?

Do you rewrite everything or just parts of it? And do you use it a foundation for your content… or do you merely tweak it a bit?

If you ever wondered about these questions, you’re not alone. Read on to discover exactly how to tweak your content in five easy steps

Step 1: Combine Multiple Sources.

One of the easiest ways to make your PLR content unique is to combine multiple pieces of PLR.

Example: You can compile a set of articles to create a report. Or you can use parts of multiple ebooks to create a new ebook. You can even do things like combine two articles to create a brand new article.

Step 2: Delete Unnecessary Information.

Does your PLR content contain fluff or other irrelevant or unnecessary information? If so, delete those sections. It not only makes your final product more unique, it also makes it a better product.

Step 3: Write a New Introduction.

Since you combined multiple sources, you basically have a new article, ebook or other product. And that means you need to write a new introduction.

However, don’t just write the traditional introduction where you blandly tell people what they’re going to learn about. Instead, whet their appetite for the content. Get them excited. How? By arousing their curiosity.


Example:  “You’re about to discover a surprisingly simple way to get rid of belly fat!” You can bet your prospects will keep reading after they see an enticing line like that!


Step 4: Create a New Conclusion.

In its simplest form, you can use your conclusion to highlight the main points of what your reader just learned. However, you can use your conclusion to accomplish two other goals:

  • Surprise the reader. Here you can offer one last juicy tip for your reader, which will surprise and satisfy him. And if he’s a skimmer who didn’t read the full article, report or ebook, this juicy tip will motivate him to do so.
  • Inspire the reader to take action. Your conclusion is also a great place to provide a call to action. You can tell your reader to take action on what he just learned. Or you can encourage him to take another specific action, such as signing up for your mailing list or buying a product.

Step 5: Tweak the Content to Make it Yours

By now your content is pretty darn unique. However, with the exception of the introduction and conclusion, it really doesn’t sound like your “voice.” That’s why you should take a few minutes to tweak the content to make it better reflect your own writing style.

Here are ways to do that:

  • Remove and/or replace slang, sayings or other phrases and words you’d never say.
  • Add in your own examples, which helps clarify complex concepts.
  • Insert your own stories, which personalizes the content.
  • Toss in your own unique tips and twists on the concepts.
  • Use fun language like metaphors and analogies.

See how easy that is?

In just five simple steps you can turn your PLR content into exclusive, exciting content that meets your needs. Articles take just a couple minutes, while ebooks and longer content may take a few hours.

Either way, you’re saving time and money!


7 Things To Look For When Buying PLR Content

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Some of the PLR content that’s floating around the web is just plain BAD.

You know what I’m talking about. Some of it is gibberish. Some of it is factually incorrect. And some of it is outright plagiarized. (No kidding.)

So how can you protect yourself?

Simple: By using this seven-point checklist to be sure you’re buying high-quality PLR content from reputable sources. Just look for the following:

A Reputable Vendor.

The best way to protect yourself from purchasing plagiarized or otherwise illegal content is by making sure you’re dealing with a reputable vendor. That means you need to do a little due diligence before making your purchase. You can do this by:

  • Asking around. Are you a member of any business forums? Then ask around to see what others think of this vendor.
  • Running a Google search. Simply search for the vendor’s name to see if you turn up any unfavorable reviews.

Well-Researched Content.

You’ll need to take a look at a few samples in order to determine if the content is solid. Basically, however, you’re looking to see if the content is factually correct.

Well-Written Content.

Again, you’ll need to ask the vendor to see a few samples of the content. As you read it, ask yourself if it’s engaging. Is the grammar decent? Is the piece easy to read? If you answer yes to all three of these questions, that’s a good sign.

Limited-Availability Licenses.

You’ll have to pay a little more for PLR content where the vendor is selling a limited number of licenses. That’s because you have less competition (and that’s a good thing).

However, if you tend to make your PLR content completely unique – such as by combining multiple PLR pieces – then the amount of competition needn’t factor into your purchase decision too much.

PLR With License Terms That Suit Your Needs.

Not all PLR content licenses are created equal.

Example: Some licenses offer unrestricted rights, meaning you can sell the PLR licenses to other marketers. Other licenses forbid this activity.

As such, be sure to read the licenses carefully to be sure they don’t restrict the ways you intend to use the content.

A Steady Supply of Related Content.

Once you realize how much time and money you save by using PLR content, you’ll be on a constant hunt for fresh, new PLR content in your niche. And that’s why you should check if your favorite PLR vendors tend to put out related content on a regular basis (such as monthly or even weekly).

PLR Extras.

Many times when you purchase PLR content you get the content only with no extras or bonuses.

Example: If you buy a PLR ebook, then you get a PLR ebook… period.

If you want the most bang for your buck, then keep note of which of your favorite PLR vendors offer bonuses and other extras. These extras may include:

  • Mini site designs, which generally include a header, footer and “buy now” buttons.
  • Graphics, such as ecovers.
  • Sales letters.
  • Supporting sales materials, such as an autoresponder series, pay per click ads, solo emails and more.
  • Supporting sales funnel materials, such as a lead generating report and squeeze page.

Again, these aren’t a requirement, but they are nice perks when you’re purchasing private label rights content.


5 Quick Ways To Find PLR Content


Once you start using PLR content, it starts feeling like an addiction.

You need more and more to keep yourself satisfied. And no wonder: PLR content saves you time, money and all the frustrating, tedious work associated with content creation!

Point is, you need a lot of PLR content. And that’s why you need to know these five methods for uncovering all the PLR content you could ever want…

  1. Go to known, reputable PLR vendor sites.

You’ve probably heard about some of the bigger, more well-known PLR sites in your niche. Usually these are your reputable sites, run by vendors who’re known for offering high-quality private label rights content.

  1. Check forum marketplaces.

Generally, forums that appeal to online marketers tend to have PLR vendors selling their wares on the site, as allowed. In some cases, you can uncover these vendors by asking for recommendations for reputable PLR vendors on the forum. In other cases, the forums have marketplaces where vendors showcase their wares.

Forums with marketplaces include, and

  1. Run a Google search.

Here’s a tried and true way to find almost any kind of PLR content you need: Run a Google search.

For best results, you should search for a variety of both niche-related terms alongside a variety of PLR-related terms.

Example: Suppose you’re looking for dog training PLR. You might search for:

  • Dog training PLR articles
  • Housetraining PLR
  • Obedience training PLR ebooks
  • Puppy training private label rights


…And so on, mixing and matching these terms to uncover plenty of PLR vendors.

Tip: Be sure to look at the sponsored Google ads that run along the right side of the regular search results.

  1. Take a look at eBay.

Unfortunately, some of the PLR content you buy on eBay isn’t the highest quality. That’s because tends to be the “yard sale” of PLR content, with prices (and quality) to match.

Nonetheless, sometimes you can snag a great deal, which is why it’s worth checking out from time to time.

  1. Make an offer.

Here’s a PLR acquisition strategy that’s rarely used and hardly ever talked about. Basically, the idea is to seek out good content in your niche and make an offer to the creator.

Now, you’re obviously not going to get an author with a wildly profitable product to give up the rights to his cash cow. Instead, you need to look for the person who creates good content, yet doesn’t have the marketing skills to sell it. And one such place to look is on

Simply run a search for the type of content you’re looking for (such as “dog training”). Then scroll to the LAST few pages of results. Look for products on these pages with low gravity and/or other signs that the product isn’t selling well.

Example: Maybe the sales letter is poor. Maybe it’s clear the person can’t drive traffic. Just be sure the product is solid. If it is, then approach the creator with your offer.

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